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Parents Information

Dress Code

KINDER DANCEPink Bodysuit ($20.00)
PREBALLETPink Tights ($5.00)
BALLET (5-7 years)Pink Dance Slippers ($10.00), Pink Dance Skirt ($10.00)
JAZZ (5-7 years)Pink Bodysuit, Black Sover a Bodysuit ($15.00), Jazz Shoes
BALLET (8 years & up)Black Bodysuit ($20.00), Pink Tights ($7.00), Black Skirt ($10.00), Pink Ballet Slippers ($10.00)
JAZZ (8 years & up)Black Bodysuit, Black Shorts over a Black Bodysuit ($15.00), Jazz shoes
HIP-HOPBlack T-Shirt, Black Pants, Clean Indoor Running Shoes
BOYSBlack Sweat or Dance Pants, Fitted White T-Shirt, Black Ballet Slippers ($10.00), or Jazz Shoes

Uniforms may be purchased from Fairyland Dance Academy

NO: Jewelry, Colored Dancewear, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants. Hair must be kept out of face and if long brought back into a bun.

What you need for competitions

  You will have to buy the costumes for each dance and keep them in good condition for all competitions and the year end show.  
  • Group Costume Fees are $100-$150 for each costume/li>
  • Accessories (gloves, tights, necklace, earrings, ponytails etc.) are not included in costume fees (will be either sold or rented, depending on the item)
  • Each child has to have a personal competition kit that should include: hair ties, body pins, make up, hairspray, sparkling hair spray, sewing supply, and mirror
  • You have to rent “Fairyland” uniform for $20

During the competitions parents and students are responsible for the neatness of the costumes. Parents and students are also accountable that all the parts of costume and accessories are not lost. If a costume or an accessory is lost you will need to pay an additional fee to replace the costume.

You will receive your costumes in a costume bag with a hanger for each costume and your child’s name. It is your responsibility to keep your costumes neatly on the hangers at all times.

After each dance, place all the parts of your costumes and accessories into your bag, to keep them from being lost. Also put your own clothes into a separate bag due to the crowded change rooms at competitions.

Make a checklist of ALL your costume pieces including shoes! Be very careful because if you forget one item (ie. one glove) it will influence everyone else in your group! If your child is dancing in a group, all the kids have to look EXACTLY the same. One child without gloves means, everybody goes without gloves.

A good way to organize costumes is to put the costume on a hanger and the accessories (tights, gloves, headpieces, etc.) for the costume in a zip-lock bag hanging of the hanger (by running the hook of the hanger through the bag). Put all the costumes in a garment bag. Label all your shoes and costume pieces with your dancer’s name or initials! All those costumes look alike!

Know the hairstyle for each costume (one might be a bun, another a pony tail). If hair is parted on one side or the other, everyone needs to be parted on the SAME side.

If your child’s costume has a hat, headpiece, or costume piece that can be worn different ways, coordinate the class to have it all the SAME way. i.e. everyone’s headpiece worn to the right side, everyone’s hat tilted to the left side.

Hairstyles and hats should be secured with plenty of bobby pins and hairspray. Have your child give their head a good shake to make sure everything is securely in place. Take a trial run of the routine and to make sure the costume will hold together through the entire routine. Better safe than sorry!

Costume pieces should be securely sewed and/or pinned in place, so that nothing falls off or comes undone during the dance.

 Make Up Kit:
  1. Eye Shadows, colours: Dark brown, light beige, white, dark and light blue
  2. Liquid foundation (darker than skin tone)
  3. Powder (a darker tone)
  4. Liquid eyeliner (BLACK)  and eye pencil (BLACK)  and (WHITE)
  5. Lip Liner (RED)  and BRIGHT RED  lipstick
  6. Fake eyelashes and glue
  7. Black mascara
  8. Blush in Plum colour (Brownish burgundy)
  9. Eye make-up remover
  10. Make-up sponges and cotton balls
  1. Hair Gel and Moose (Extra Hold)
  2. Hair Spray
  3. Bobby Pins
  4. Hair Pins
  5. Hair Nets (to match natural hair colour)
  6. Black Elastic Band for Hair in 2 sizes: one is thin and one is thicker (make sure to have several of them)
 Where to buy:
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
  • Zeller’s
  • Wal-Mart
 Where to buy dance shoes and tights:
  • Second Skin Ltd. 8010 Yonge St. L4J 6W6 Thornhill, ON (Center St. and Yonge)
  • Danceshoppe Ltd 50 Sheppard W, North York, (416) 225-6862

To apply perfect make-up, please, watch YouTube – JAM cosmetics – Jazz Competition Dance.

Make sure you make up is bright, it’s not street make up, we need stage make up! Each parent is responsible for their own child’s makeup and hair.

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