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Fee Schedule   

Recreational Classes

Classes run on yearly basis. Students must enroll for the whole academic year (all 3 terms - see below).

The academic year is divided into three terms.
Term 1 : September - November
Term 2 : December - March
Term 3 : April - June (includes Performance)

Post-dated cheques for all installments are due at the time of registration along with a $20.00 Registration Fee. If you provide cheque for just one term then $20 registration fee will also be added to the next payment.

You can pay in 3 installments (September 8, December 1, April 1)
or in one installment on September 8 for the full year and get 15% off.
10% off for each additional family member.

Term Installment (HST not incuded)
per week
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
1 $150 $200 $200*(1 costume)
2 $270 $360 $370*(2 costumes)
3 $375 $500 $475*(2 costumes)
In 2010 it was possible to claim up to $500 per child for the fees paid in 2010 that relate to the cost of registering your child in a prescribed program of physical activity including dance lessons. See details here or google for "Children's fitness amount Canada". Keep your Fairyland Dance Academy receipts and give them to your tax preparer next season.

Private classes

Private classes are available for every student.
$60 for one 45 min private class       or      $40 for one 30 min private class.

Competitive Classes

Classes run on yearly basis. Students must enroll for the whole academic year.

Payment options: 10 postdated checks for 1 day of each month (Sep - June)
or single payment with 15% off.

REFUND POLICY – No refunds will be issued once payment has been deposited.
If you miss a class, you’re welcome to drop in for another class during the academic year.
Monthly payment (HST not incuded)
1st year competitive
(4 classes per week)
(6 classes per week)

Additional Routines - Solo, Duet, Trio

Solo dance is available for competitive students only. Apply before October 1. Choreography Fees for additional routines are in addition to your regular class fees. The fees will cover all choreography, music and rehearsal time. Solo fees must be paid in one sum (i.e. you may not pay separately for each private class).

Fees (HST not included): (cover 20 classes of 30 min duration, payable by October 1)
$600 - solo     or     $450 - duet     or     $300 - trio.

Extra private classes are available upon request:    $45  for 45 min,    $30  for 30 min.

Additional Fees Associated With Competitions

Please note the following fees associated with being a part of a competitive program. We want to ensure that you have a full understanding of what will be involved over the courses of the year.

Costume Fees

A costume will need to be purchased for each competitive routine. As costuming is a part of your score at competition, these costumes need to be specially designed and made for each dancer. You should budget $130-$150 for each group costume and $100 - $200 for each solo costume. You can also make your own solo costume, with your teacher’s approval. Deposit for costume fees has to be paid by November 1st, 2012. You have to have dance tights and shoes for each routine. For Acro classes you will need convertible tights and foot thongs.

Competition Entry Fees

To participate in competitions, you are required by competition organizers to pay for each entrée/routine. These fees will be charged before December 1st. We will attend 3 regional competitions for the season (Apr – May). Group entry fee is around $40. Duet and Trio entrée fees are around $50 and Solo entrée fee is around $80.

$25 service charge for N.S.F. cheques
Please note that all post-dated cheques must be received at the time of registration or your spot is not guaranteed in a class. A registration form without payment is considered incomplete.

Classes missed may be made up on any day during one term. Fees for classes missed for any reason will not be refunded or deducted from fees for the following term.

REFUND POLICY: No refunds will be issued once payment has been deposited. To withdraw from a class, you must notify the office, in writing a minimum of 10 banking days before your next installment is to be deposited.

Payments can be made by cheque payable to Fairyland Dance Academy or by cash, credit or debit.

Fairyland Theatre reserves the right to change, cancel or substitute dates, locations, classes and schedules, add or remove faculty members and change prices at any time. Fairyland Theatre reserves the right to use any photos, video footage for publicity and marketing.

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