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Fairyland Theatre Dance Programs



As most early childhood educators know young children's primary need is to express themselves through movement.
Our Kinder dance program includes: basic physical exercising, which develops loco motor skills (walking, running, jumping, leaping, galloping), non loco motor skills (stretching, bending), stability and balance skills, playing rhythm instruments and listening to different kinds of music. It is well known that music skills are necessary to develop from birth and infancy. Creativity develops through dramatic play, imitation and imagination. Our enthusiastic teachers use costumes, masks, puppets and toys to make captivating fairytales. Children imitate how a rabbit is jumping, a crocodile is crawling, a bird is flying in a form of dance. Children develop social and teamwork skills through games and other activities.
YouTube Our kinderdance students at the year end show       YouTubeKinderdance Class


This is an introductory class to Ballet and Jazz.
The program is designed to give your child basic dancing skills with age appropriate ballet exercises and simple jazz movements. The program offers a strong foundation in pre-ballet concepts, basic techniques, coordination skills, rhythm and musicality. Each lesson has half hour each of Ballet and Jazz.
Exercises include: 1st, 2nd feet positions, arm exercises, rises, knee Bends, point and close, floor work, step close, step to side, 3 points and close, springing, skipping forward, gallops sideways.

YouTube Recreational pre-ballet students at the year end show 


BALLET CLASSES - Ages: 5 and up

Ballet is a form of theatrical entertainment contained within a strict academic school. Ballet classes always start at the 'barre', which supports the balance of the body while the dancer completes various routines designed to increase strength, mobility and 'turn out'.
All ballet classes are divided into two parts: barre exercises and centre practice. The ballet program gets more complex from Grade 1 to Grade 4.
Mastering ballet requires much practice but it provides a necessary foundation for many other genres of dance.
If ballet turns out to be very hard for you then hip-hop (see below) can be your escape.
YouTube Ballet Class. Competitine Mini.                   YouTube Ballet Class. Competitine Juniors. 
YouTube Solo ballet at the year end show 

JAZZ LESSONS - Ages: 5 and up

Jazz program focuses on flexibility, rhythm, extension, balance and speed. We follow the typical jazz formation of building strength, balance and extension through isolations, rhythmic exercises, floor stretches, across the floor patterns and dance combinations. Jazz movements usually involve the head, hips, ribs, shoulders and ankles.
YouTube Jazz Class. Competitive Juniors. 
YouTube Solo jazz at the year end show      YouTube Competitive group at the year end show 


HIP-HOP CLASSES - Ages: 12 and up

Hip-Hop a very popular form of dance with young people. It incorporates a hip-hop style of music and focuses on quick coordinated steps and moves. It is a more relaxed form of dance where you are encouraged to feel the music and get into the groove. In hip-hop the feet are grounded, the chest is down, and the body is kept loose so that a dancer can easily alternate between hitting the beat or riding through the beat. This is in contrast to ballet dancing where the chest is upright and the body is stiff. Hip-hop started in the streets and therefore is less structured and strict in technique. Hip-hop brings you newest dance forms as seen in videos, movies and television. Hip-hop dancing is a fast beat dance. It develops rhythm, isolated and coordinated body parts movements.
YouTube Solo hip-hop at the year end show      YouTube Competitive group at the year end show 

ACRO LESSONS - Ages: 7 and up

Acro combines flexibility, gymnastics and strength with traditional form of dance such as ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern. Its signature feature is graceful transition between dance movements and acrobatic tricks. These elements are set to music and create various choreographical sequences.
Acro, also known as acrobatic dance, is a very challenging style that requires students to be trained in both dance and gymnastics. Many dance schools do not teach it due to lack of facilities and acrobatic expertise.
Acro can be performed solo, duo or in groups.

YouTube Acro solo at the year end show      YouTube Junior competitive group at the year end show 
YouTube Competitive groups prepare for events  


Summer Camp  

Dance Classes (jazz technique, acro, stretching, hip-hop, latin) 3 hours everyday. A great opportunity for your child to enhance their dance technique for next year!
Swimming pool and games in the park everyday. New Unique Theme parties everyday.

9:00am – 4:00pm (extended hours are available at $5 per hour).
Pick up and drop off is available from Richmond Hill location for $20.

Only $450 for two weeks. $240 for one week.

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